Faller HO OVP in NEU Bahnhofshalle 120180 evkec56e103080-Buildings, Tunnels & Bridges

Lot of 3 HO - BOWSER 41799, 800 & 801 BURLINGTON NORTHERN 14 Panel 70-Ton Hopper
39-470A Bachmann OO 60 ft Porthole Corridor Brake 1st - Weathered (Discontinued)
Battletech Battledroids Rifleman 20-841 still sealed in blister- rare  
Faller 120180 HO Bahnhofshalle  NEU in OVP

Faller HO OVP in NEU Bahnhofshalle 120180 evkec56e103080-Buildings, Tunnels & Bridges

POLA 162 Meistermodell Stadthaus im Abbruch H0 1 87 [B] Product features

Item specifics

Condition: New Marke: FALLER
Baugröße (Spurweite): Spur H0 (16,5 mm) Herstellernummer: 120180
Zustand: Neu Produktart: Zubehör
EAN: 4104090001803
Product features

Faller HO OVP in NEU Bahnhofshalle 120180 evkec56e103080-Buildings, Tunnels & Bridges

BH452-0,5 Märklin H0 00 Ac Ambulanza 10 T No 366; Grande Boma , Kk 2.1
Corvus Belli Infinity-Aristeia Strategy Board Game CVBCBARI00
6mm modern british - battle group (as photo) - vehicles (35069)
Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 Player’s Handbook
Stormcast Eternals Paladins Games Workshop Warhammer Age of Sigmar

Faller HO OVP in NEU Bahnhofshalle 120180 evkec56e103080-Buildings, Tunnels & Bridges

Leakage of private information and total surveillance are the most discussed topics in the world nowadays. Every day we hear new reports of hacks, blackmailing, transmission of personal data to third parties or the general public. The problem of personal data protection is also quite acute because we no longer see our life without smartphones, laptops, mobile applications and online communication.

New secure messenger SafeUM provides an unprecedented level of personal data protection. Our mission is to create the most secure communication environment. You still do not believe it is possible? You still believe that anyone can access your personal information? We would like to reassure you.

SafeUM protects you even from us – the  developers

SafeUM protects you from third parties

  • Messenger SafeUM protects your information from being intercepted at all levels - transmission channel, storage, telecom operators, Wi-Fi networks, etc. All information, including encryption keys, is transmitted only in encrypted form(in Standard package - with WSS, in Premium package + enhanced encryption)
  • During the conversation, your every message (in Premium package) is encrypted with unique keys.
  • Our Front-end servers have no hard drives. All information is stored in the servers' RAM.
  • Our Front-end servers are protected against seizure. After shutdown / reset the information is erased. All your data is encrypted(Premium package) and stored in a secured Data Centre (DC).
  • Access to an application is protected by a reliable system of three PIN-codes.
  • Smart messenger SafeUM protects your account by IP address, device type, operating system and warns about any unauthorized access to your account. All devices and IP-addresses are controlled within your account.

You are protected by SafeUM and the law of Iceland

  • According to the law of Iceland "Electronic Communications Act", any information is provided only after the written order of the court of Iceland.
  • Brawa H0 - 46300 Personenwagen C3yge DB 87518 Köl AC-Radsätze -Neu According to the law of Iceland "On security of personal data" information cannot be stored for longer than six months.
  • Legislation does not allow to save chat history if the "Disable chat history" feature is selected by SafeUM user.

Faller HO OVP in NEU Bahnhofshalle 120180 evkec56e103080-Buildings, Tunnels & Bridges

Faller H0 120208 Zugwaschanlage Bausatz Neu OVP ТOP SECURITY! - internet security news
28mm Bolt Action Chain Of Command German Opel Blitz Open Top - Painted
Chaosium Runequest Snake Pipe Hollow (2nd Edition, 1st Printing) SC Fair

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