Sign up newsletter buttonYou may have heard of us. Or seen us online. Odds are you’ve DEFINITELY read a book or two by one of our incredible writers. Heck, you may even be a member of our amazing and active Indie Chicks Rockin’ Reader Group. And if you haven’t joined us, consider this your personal invitation to be part of something incredibly special.

The Indie Chicks Rock group exists because we want to empower one another. We stand together, not against each other and believe that creativity isn’t a competition. We make each other stronger writers, better storytellers, and cheer each other on as we reach our next goal. We are a sisterhood of incredibly talented individuals who understand that this writing journey is far more satisfying with friends.

But ultimately our collaboration means more awesomeness is headed your way, dear readers.

Join us the 15th of every month for an hour-long Twitter chat. Just look for the #IndieChicksRock hash tag and join in on the tomfoolery. And don’t miss out on the latest book discussion in our Indie Chicks Rockin’ Reader Facebook group.

Hope to see you soon!