The Best Advice.

The Indie Chicks have all been there … that terrifying moment where you’ve just finished the final draft of your debut novel and you’re standing on the precipice of hitting that publish button. It’s terrifying. It’s exciting. And it’s like standing stark naked in the middle of a crowded room.

So we compiled some of the best advice WE received before taking the plunge into indie authordom … a must read for anyone thinking about joining the indie author community and chock full of lots of brilliant tidbits!


“Don’t take anything personally.” – Adriana Locke

“Write stories you would want to read.” – Danielle Allen

“Faith told me it was like jumping out of a plane, and it was painfully accurate. After a beta dumped me for not incorporating her comments, someone told me to write the story I wanted to tell, and if I was happy with it, that’s all that mattered. I was also told stay the hell away from goodreads and regret not taking that advice.” – Stephanie Rose

“I asked Nicole Williams how she balanced having a young family and writing. She said family is always first, so she wrote after they were all in bed.” – Kimberly Rose

“We all get those bad reviews right? Well (and I can’t remember exactly who gave me this sage advice so bear with me) one time I was really down about one of those not so nice reviews and this person told me to go look at my favorite author’s bad reviews and realize that EVERYONE gets them. Colleen Hoover has millions of fans and is the goddess of writing in my eyes, but guess what…she has 1 star reviews too! This made me look at the 1 stars in a new light…with a grain of salt AND sometimes as a lesson to be learned when it includes constructive, non-troll-like criticism.” – Faith Andrews

“Write for yourself!” – R.E. Hunter

“Best advice is from CD Reiss from the Pay It Forward Retreat – Write Without Apology because when you think of reviews, it messes with your head space.” – Mia Kayla

K.A. Linde told me that you only get one shot at a debut novel, so make it good. Make sure the story is compelling, that you have professional editing and that you have a captivating cover. Do everything in your power to put your best foot forward.” – B.L. Berry

“1. Write what you know.
2. Write the story you want to read.
3. Write the first draft with your mind. Write it again with your heart.” – Gia Riley

Don’t release a release date until you are done.” – Adriana Locke

“Give everything you have–don’t hold anything back for book two. Write this book like it will be the only story you ever publish.” – Eleanor Green

“Breathe. My editor tells me this throughout the process. ‘I want you to breathe.’ She knows I need this reminder. She knows that I have a tendency to retreat. Step back and breathe.” – Ryleigh Andrews

“Oh and the best advice I never took from Gail. Do NOT release a book that ends on a cliff without already being at least halfway through the next one.” – R.E. Hunter

“Know your reasons for taking this journey and never lose sight of that core reason. Is it to make money? Quiet the voices in your mind? Hit a list? Move just one person with your words? Then, whenever you feel frustrated, go back to that reason and keep yourself grounded.” – B.L. Berry

“Best advice was from Mary Wasowski : write what you love, and love what you write.” – B.A. Wolfe

“Oh and Do your THANG like a chicken wing. Ignore the noise around you and what everyone else is doing. Your success is defined by you and you alone.” – Mia Kayla


Do you have any additional awesome first-timer advice? Leave it in the comments below!


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