Five Minutes with Faith

To celebrate Faith Andrews‘ latest release of Freeing Destiny, we sat down to pick her brain for a few minutes. Be sure to keep reading and check out the excerpt from Freeing Destiny!


Faith Andrews1. Tell us a little about your pen name.

Originally, I decided on a pen name because I wanted to keep my author life separate from my private life. Faith is my middle name and Andrew is my husband’s, so it just seemed perfect to be reborn as the romance writing Faith Andrews. That is, until my oldest daughter announced in front of her 2nd grade class that her mother writes “adult love stories”. Since then, and probably way before because I can’t keep exciting things like that to myself, I’ve been known to be called Faith in the schoolyard more often than my real name.

2. Do you have any bizarre or unusual talents?

Well, I’m a mother of two crazy girls so there are a boat load of talents that are extremely bizarre just in that role alone. But no, I’m kind of ordinary albeit quirky. I can’t play an instrument, or even knit a hat for you for that matter, but I’m a backstage mom extraordinaire and I’m a mean, lean braiding machine. My daughter has hair like Rapunzel and I’ve created some pretty epic looks, if I do say so myself.

3. Freeing Destiny is your 8th book, which is incredibly awesome! Of all the titles in your arsenal, which one is your absolute favorite and which one means the most to you?

Oh boy! Really??? I mean, it’s like asking who’s my favorite kid! If I’m being fair, my debut was the book I had the most fun writing. I threw all caution to the wind and just WROTE. I remember smiling and laughing along with the characters because I felt like they each had a part of me. The references to 90s pop culture brought back such nostalgia, too. So, okay, Man of My Dreams…while I don’t believe it’s my best work, it’s definitely the most fun I’ve ever had writing anything.

4. How do you take your coffee?

Light and sweet…just like me, yeah right. I’m a sucker for a coffeemate creamer, otherwise it has to be flavored from Dunkin or Starbucks. America runs on Dunkin…

5. When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

I’ve always loved writing absolutely anything—letters, business emails, journal entries—but it wasn’t until after I had both kids and I was home reading my days away while the kids napped, that I started really loving the book world again. Like so many indie authors, Fifty Shades of Grey sparked something in me and the rest is history. This has been a crazy ride, but ever since that day I first decided to write a book, it feels like a tried and true part of me, like a limb. I can’t imagine a day that doesn’t involve some part of book world. This is my home and I love it!

6. Name something on your bucket list that terrifies you.

I can’t say I have anything on the bucket list that terrifies me. I’m more so frightened that I’ll never get to do those things for lack of time or funds. My bucket list is not nearly as full as I’d like it to be, so I’m definitely thinking of working on that!!!

7. If you could bring any one of your characters to life, who would it be and why?

Funny enough, so many of my characters ARE indeed living. I’ve based a lot of who I write on people who I know in my personal life. But, I have to say, out of all the men I’ve created, I’d be most honored to have someone like Stella (Feel Again and Freeing Destiny) as a friend. I adored writing her. She’s honest, innocent, quirky and fun—I think everyone will really love her once they get to know her.

8. What was your favorite book as a child?

I loved the Little House on the Prairie books and Charlotte’s Web. It’s crazy to think, but I didn’t love reading as a child the way I do now so I try to remember that when my kids roll their eyes at their reading assignments. There’s hope for them yet!

9. Of all the words you’ve ever written, what had been your absolute favorite line of all time? (Name the book it’s from too!)

How am I supposed to choose this?? Seriously? Since I don’t think I can pick an ALL TIME favorite, I’ll just give you a fave from my new release.

“How could I walk away from something that made every part of my body bloom with hope? Jack was no longer an imaginary possibility or a fleeting thought. He was a constant. Something I didn’t dare imagine living without. He was my destiny.”

10. Do you mind sharing a little excerpt of Freeing Destiny with the class?

Of course!!! Here you go…

“Good-bye, Jack,” I whispered to no one, and shut the door behind me. I pulled my luggage down the hall with long strides and soft footfalls. Tears soaked my face and blurred my vision. I made it outside, where weak sunlight greeted me, barely peeking through the morning clouds.

I scoffed as I recognized the irony of today’s overcast sky. I was Jack’s Sunshine. The brightness he loved so much was snuffed out by his absence. I wasn’t even gone yet, but gloom was taking over me the way it would overshadow today’s weather.

Before I could dwell any further on the paradox, a car pulled up to the curb. Its trunk popped open as soon as it was in park. Too tired to care about the rude driver and his lack of consideration, I hauled my two suitcases into the trunk with a huff. I slammed it shut and gave in to the devastating sadness.

I cried. Sobbed. Whimpered. I let it all sink in and allowed it to take control. I should’ve been embarrassed to get into the Uber that way, but I wasn’t. I was too immersed in self-pity to care what anyone else thought. Plugging my ears with my iPod buds, I tuned to the track that most reminded me of happy times with Jack. I Got by Young the Giant. I blasted it loud enough to drown everything else out. Once I sat in the car, I distractedly announced my destination and closed my eyes. And pictured the love of my life singing the words to me.


Be sure to check out Freeing Destiny and The Fate Series in its entirety on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited!

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